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Church Seasons


1st Sunday past Epiphany

  1. A Pattern for Family Living.pdf
  2. Epiphany Light.pdf
  3. Footprints to Follow.pdf
  4. God's New Year's Wish.pdf
  5. If the Wise Men Spoke to Us.pdf
  6. In Your Days of Youth.pdf
  7. Jesus--the Christ.pdf
  8. Justice Come to Light.pdf
  9. Marching through Open Doors.pdf
  10. Personalized Religion?.pdf
  11. Rolling Stones Gather No Moss.pdf
  12. The Gift of Discipleship.pdf
  13. The High Cost of Discipleship.pdf

2nd Sunday past Epiphany

  1. A Faithful Servant of God.pdf
  2. A Glory to Be Shared.pdf
  3. A Sign for the Times.pdf
  4. Epiphany Knowledge.pdf
  5. Family Ideals.pdf
  6. Focusing God's Floodlight of Grace.pdf
  7. Listen When God Speaks.pdf
  8. Our Glorious Provider.pdf
  9. Rotten Oranges.pdf
  10. The Foolishness of God.pdf
  11. We Serve the Lord by Serving Others.pdf
  12. Why Invite Jesus to Your Marriage and Home?.pdf

3rd Sunday past Epiphany

  1. A Holy Obligation.pdf
  2. Don't Turn the Light Off.pdf
  3. Epiphany Freedom.pdf
  4. Happier Homes and Stronger Families.pdf
  5. Jesus Christ is Lord of All.pdf
  6. Let's Go Fishing.pdf
  7. The Year of God's Favor.pdf
  8. Things Are Different Now - 1979.pdf
  9. Things Are Different Now - 2000.pdf
  10. Today Is the Day.pdf
  11. Words to Love By.pdf

4th Sunday past Epiphany

  1. Advice for an Anxious World.pdf
  2. Christ, My Reconciler.pdf
  3. Epiphany Light.pdf
  4. Living Responsibly 1982.pdf
  5. Living Responsibly 2000.pdf
  6. Love Counts Others Higher than Itself.pdf
  7. More Light by Shining Together.pdf
  8. No Fool, but God's Fool.pdf
  9. Servants of God.pdf
  10. The Preacher Who Failed.pdf
  11. The Royal Law.pdf
  12. When the Son Fails.pdf

5th Sunday past Epiphany

  1. Christ, My Deliverer.pdf
  2. How to Overcome Success.pdf
  3. Power for Purpose.pdf
  4. Revise the Standard Version.pdf
  5. Staying on Course.pdf
  6. The Cover that Covers.pdf
  7. The Sound of Chariots.pdf
  8. They Traded It all Away.pdf

6th Sunday past Epiphany

Quinquagesima-Shrove Sunday

  1. Christ Opens Our Eyes.pdf
  2. Do It to the Glory of God.pdf
  3. Dream or Reality.pdf
  4. God's Light from Age to Age.pdf
  5. Journey Into Tomorrow.pdf
  6. Misdirected Ambition.pdf
  7. On Throwing Stones.pdf
  8. Proper Preparation for the Passion.pdf
  9. The Fruits of Faith.pdf
  10. The Power of Christ's Love.pdf
  11. What Kind of Picture Are You Getting.pdf
  12. Who Among You is Wise.

7th Sunday past Epiphany


  1. Christ, My Liberator.pdf
  2. God Speaks to Me.pdf
  3. Is Your Eye Evil?.pdf
  4. Life that is Worth Living.pdf
  5. Love Turns the Cheek.pdf
  6. My Aim in Life.pdf
  7. Not Guilty.pdf
  8. The Divine "Yes".pdf
  9. True Christian Warfare.pdf
  10. Two Foolish Kings.pdf

Last Sunday in Epiphany


  1. A Glimpse of Glory.pdf
  2. Be a Good Hearer.pdf
  3. Christ, My Illuminator.pdf
  4. Doing Your Own Thing.pdf
  5. Don't Miss the Point.pdf
  6. Epiphany Faith.pdf
  7. How Will You Answer.pdf
  8. Meeting Goliath.pdf
  9. The Transfiguration of Christ.pdf
  10. There's One More Mountain to Climb.pdf
  11. You'll Never Work Alone.pdf


1st Sunday of Lent


  1. A Happy Conversation.pdf
  2. Begin Lent with Prayer.pdf
  3. Find Your Help in Christ.pdf
  4. God's Testing Program(1).pdf
  5. God's Testing Program.pdf
  6. Rejection or Repentance.pdf
  7. The Battle Against Our Amalek.pdf
  8. The Man of Mystery.pdf
  9. The One and Only.pdf
  10. The Sign of Forgiveness.pdf
  11. The Sword of Victory.pdf
  12. Unrestraint.pdf
  13. We Shall Overcome.pdf
  14. Your Redemption--Its Necessity.pdf

2nd Sunday of Lent


  1. A Call to Holiness
  2. A Sure Defense in Time of Trouble
  3. Betrayed and Captured.pdf
  4. Escapism.pdf
  5. Fellowship with God.pdf
  6. Insurance Conscious Age.pdf
  7. Let's Celebrate.pdf
  8. Meanwhile Out at the Well.pdf
  9. Not Invited to the Party.pdf
  10. Our Crosses into Victories
  11. The Ever-recurring Question.pdf
  12. The Man Who Lost an Ear.pdf
  13. The Sign of Peace.pdf
  14. Timeless Warning.pdf
  15. Your Redemption-It's Cost.pdf

3rd Sunday of Lent


  1. Be A Copy-Cat.pdf
  2. Children of Hope.pdf
  3. Denied.pdf
  4. From Darkness to Light.pdf
  5. Gods Measure of Success.pdf
  6. Sensuality.pdf
  7. The Call of the Cross.pdf
  8. The Difference.pdf
  9. The Man of Silent Lips.pdf
  10. The New Life--a Life of Loyalty.pdf
  11. The Ransom of Souls.pdf
  12. The Sign of Understanding.pdf
  13. Your Redemption--Its Sufficiency.pdf
  14. Your Redemption--Its Wonders.pdf

4th Sunday of Lent


  1. Abused and Condemned.pdf
  2. Be Glad and Rejoice.pdf
  3. Cross Purposes.pdf
  4. Life is Love.pdf
  5. Our Redemption is Sure.pdf
  6. The Academic Illusion.pdf
  7. The Jagata Syndrome.pdf
  8. The Sign of Agony.pdf
  9. What in the World Shall I Do.pdf
  10. What Makes Faith So Complicated.pdf
  11. Where Can We Buy Food.pdf

5th Sunday of Lent


  1. A Hope for Two Worlds.pdf
  2. Children of Men or Children of God.pdf
  3. Children of Men or Children of God Updated.pdf
  4. Gods Miracle in Us.pdf
  5. Look to the Cross.pdf
  6. Ransomed Exiles.pdf
  7. The Dynamics of Salvation.pdf
  8. The Mark of Salvation.pdf
  9. The New Life-It's Different.pdf
  10. The Sign of Decision.pdf
  11. The Woman Who Dreamed About Jesus.pdf
  12. Whats That They Say About Jesus.pdf
  13. Your Redemption-It's Accomplishment.pdf

Lenten Vespers Series

The Nail

  1. The Nail of Cruelty.pdf
  2. The Nail of Envy.pdf
  3. The Nail of Hatred.pdf
  4. The Nail of Indecision.pdf
  5. The Nail of Infidelity.pdf
  6. The Nail of Pride.pdf

What If Jesus Had Said

  1. After All, I Have Some Pride.pdf
  2. Nobody Else Cares, Why Should I.pdf
  3. Prayer Gets You Nowhere.pdf
  4. There's a Limit to Forgiveness.pdf
  5. What Will People Say.pdf
  6. You Can't Swim Against the Tide.pdf
  7. You Have to Think About Yourself.pdf

Lenten Vespers Services

1st Vespers Lent

Ash Wednesday

  1. Do We Need God's Forgiveness.pdf
  2. Father Forgive.pdf
  3. Father, Forgive Them.pdf
  4. Follow Me in Prayer to the Father.pdf
  5. Justified Before God.pdf
  6. Repent, Believe, Respond, Act.pdf
  7. Repent, Believe, Respond, Act - Revised Version.pdf

2nd Vespers Lent

2nd Wednesday

  1. Does God Want Me?.pdf
  2. Garden of Gethsemane.pdf
  3. Hail Master.pdf
  4. The Cost of Your Redemption.pdf
  5. The Cross, A Lesson in Obedience.pdf
  6. The Cross, a Symbol of Grace.pdf
  7. With Me In Paradise.pdf

3rd Vespers Lent

3rd Wednesday

  1. Am I My Brother's Keeper.pdf
  2. Behold Your Son, Behold Your Mother.pdf
  3. Go to Dark Gethsemane.pdf
  4. The Wonders of Your Redemption.pdf

4th Vespers Lent

4th Wednesday

  1. How Serious is Sin.pdf
  2. O Dearest Jesus,.pdf
  3. Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me.pdf

5th Vespers Lent

5th Wednesday

  1. I Thirst.pdf
  2. In the Cross of Christ I Glory.pdf
  3. The Accomplishment of Your Redemption.pdf
  4. Treading the Winepress Alone on the Via Dolorosa.pdf
  5. Why Do the Righteous Suffer.pdf

6th Vespers Lent

6th Wednesday

  1. Can I Be Sure of Salvation.pdf
  2. Christ's Word of Fulfillment.pdf
  3. It is Finished.pdf
  4. The Sanctifying Effect of Your Redemption.pdf
  5. There is a Fountain Filled with Blood.pdf

Holy Week

Palm Sunday

  1. Herod.pdf
  2. His Majesty, the King.pdf
  3. In the Midst of Death We Live.pdf
  4. Killing a King.pdf
  5. New Life - Our Response to the King.pdf
  6. Rejoice! Your King Comes to You.pdf
  7. Smile, God Loves You.pdf
  8. The Divine Human Paradox(1).pdf
  9. The Divine Human Paradox.pdf
  10. The Mind of Christ.pdf
  11. The Sign of Mystery.pdf
  12. Who Is In Control.pdf
  13. Your Redemption--Its Sanctifying Effect.pdf

Maundy Thursday

Holy Thursday, Sheer Thursday

  1. A Most Unusual Meal.pdf
  2. A New Covenant.pdf
  3. Cross Roads.pdf
  4. Finished - The Wedding Feast.pdf
  5. History's Two Great Passovers.pdf
  6. Soul, Adorn Thyself with Gladness.pdf
  7. The Day of the Commandment.pdf
  8. Twas on That Dark, That Doleful Night.pdf
  9. What Do You Mean by this Service.pdf
  10. Why Should We Remember Jesus.pdf

Good Friday

Holy Friday

  1. Can Death Be Beautiful.pdf
  2. The Death of Jesus.pdf
  3. There They Crucified Him.pdf


Easter Sunday

  1. Celebrate -- with Sincerity and Truth.pdf
  2. Christ Is Risen.pdf
  3. Death is Dead.pdf
  4. Easter Is A Fresh Drink of Water.pdf
  5. Easter Trust.pdf
  6. Easter, The Day of Extreme Contrasts.pdf
  7. He is Risen.pdf
  8. Its Great to Be Alive.pdf
  9. Make Yours a Perpetual Easter Celebration.pdf
  10. The Easter Victory.pdf
  11. The Price and Joy of Easter.pdf
  12. The Sign of His Presence.pdf
  13. What Is It Like to Die and Rise.pdf
  14. Don't Be Afraid.pdf
  15. Crucified with Life unto Christ.pdf
  16. The First Easter and Our Easter Sunday.pdf

2nd Sunday of Easter


  1. A Supernatural Religion.pdf
  2. Don't You Know What Happened.pdf
  3. Doubt and Faith.pdf
  4. Easter Go-power.pdf
  5. Easter Victory for the Christian.pdf
  6. Fingertip Embalming.pdf
  7. Peace Be With You.pdf
  8. Restored to Service.pdf
  9. Stop Being Afraid.pdf
  10. The Abiding Meaning of Easter.pdf
  11. The Eternal Look.pdf
  12. The Good Shepherd's Wondrous Love.pdf

3rd Sunday of Easter


  1. A Covenant of Peace.pdf
  2. An Extraordinary Lord for Our Ordinary Lives.pdf
  3. Called to Follow.pdf
  4. Christ's Resurrection Makes our Fellowship Possible.
  5. Come and Have Breakfast.pdf
  6. Faith is not Frantic.pdf
  7. Follow in His Steps.pdf
  8. Here or Hidden.pdf
  9. Jesus Opens the Scriptures.pdf
  10. Testing the Spirits.pdf
  11. The Gathering Shepherd.pdf
  12. Worthiness and Worship.pdf

4th Sunday of Easter


  1. Clothes Make the Man.pdf
  2. Declaring God's Glory in New Guinea.pdf
  3. Jesus' Claim and Call.pdf
  4. Look At the Stars.pdf
  5. Mothers Make Good Models.pdf
  6. On a Dark Day You Can See Forever.pdf
  7. The Door to Life.pdf
  8. The Sermon in the Sky.pdf
  9. This Miracle Called Love.pdf
  10. To Whom Are You Listening.pdf
  11. We Go On Our Way Rejoicing.pdf

5th Sunday of Easter


  1. An Order of Service for a Life of Worship.
  2. Branches of the True Vine.pdf
  3. Don't Worry.pdf
  4. Hannah, an Ideal Mother.pdf
  5. In Every Way Enriched by God.pdf
  6. One Truth In a Supermarket of Ideas.pdf
  7. Real Confidence.pdf
  8. Sing a New Song.pdf
  9. The Built-in Word.pdf
  10. We Belong Together in Christ.pdf
  11. Wherein Lies Our Allegiance.pdf
  12. Wild Grapes.pdf

6th Sunday of Easter


  1. Dare We Delay the Lord's Conquests.pdf
  2. Don't Sell Your Birthright - Confirmation.pdf
  3. Let Us Pray.pdf
  4. Looking Up into the Sky.pdf
  5. Lord, Teach Us to Pray.pdf
  6. Peace Through Christ.pdf
  7. Take It to the Lord in Prayer.pdf
  8. The Church and the World.pdf
  9. What's the Good Word, God.pdf


Thursday Vespers

  1. An End, But Not THE End.pdf
  2. Heaven's Hero Returns.pdf
  3. Our King, Priest and Victor.pdf
  4. Take to the Road.pdf

7th Sunday of Easter


  1. Christian Parents are Really Foster Parents.pdf
  2. Living Under our Ascended Lord.pdf
  3. Praises, Prayers and Promises.pdf
  4. Reaching Home.pdf
  5. Real Estate or Non-Real Estate.pdf
  6. The Abiding Fellowship.pdf
  7. The Life that Glorifies God.pdf
  8. The Religion of Love.pdf
  9. Words About the Future.pdf


Feast of Pentecost


  1. A Churchful of Prophets.pdf
  2. Are You Thirsty.pdf
  3. Become What You Are.pdf
  4. Being Witnesses.pdf
  5. Blessings and Responsibilities - Confirmation.pdf
  6. God Is Here.pdf
  7. Loyalty to Christ's Word as a Test of Discipleship.pdf
  8. Pentecost Today.pdf
  9. Pentecost.pdf
  10. The Holy Spirit is for Everyone.pdf
  11. The Pentecostal Paradox - Outline.pdf
  12. The Temple God Builds.pdf
  13. Witness and Trust in God _ Dad's Student Sermon.pdf

1st Sunday after Pentecost

Feast of the Holy Trinity

  1. A God for All Nations.pdf
  2. A Pastor's Joy.pdf
  3. A Real Beginning.pdf
  4. Brotherly Love as a Test of Discipleship.pdf
  5. Gifts of the Triune God.pdf
  6. Growing in the Faith - Confirmation.pdf
  7. Our God Given Assignment.pdf
  8. Sing Praises to the Triune God.pdf
  9. The Song of the Seraphim to the Triune God.pdf
  10. Walking with God - Confirmation.pdf
  11. What More Can You Ask.pdf

2nd Sunday after Pentecost

1st Sunday past Holy Trinity

  1. A Tale of Two Men.pdf
  2. Called to Be a Blessing.pdf
  3. Can a Christian Go to Hell.pdf
  4. Fruit-bearing as a Test of Discipleship.pdf
  5. God's Pentecost People.pdf
  6. Humble, Yet Fervent Prayer.pdf
  7. I Hate You.pdf
  8. The Church's Gift.pdf
  9. The Marks of a Good Soldier of Jesus Christ.pdf

3rd Sunday after Pentecost

2nd Sunday past Holy Trinity

  1. Cross-bearing as a Test of Discipleship.pdf
  2. Dangerous Distractions.pdf
  3. Hand and Feet Religion.pdf
  4. Humans on a Divine Mission.pdf
  5. Mad, Sad or Glad.pdf
  6. Never-Never-Never Land.pdf
  7. The Seen and Unseen.pdf
  8. We Dare Not Close the Open Door.pdf

4th Sunday after Pentecost

3rd Sunday past Holy Trinity>

  1. 4th of July: Freedom Brings Responsibility
  2. A Sympathetic Prophet.pdf
  3. Christian on the Inside.pdf
  4. Citizen of Two Nations - Independence Day.pdf
  5. Culture Religion or Christian Religion.pdf
  6. How Much Is It Worth.pdf
  7. How Would You Judge.pdf
  8. It Can't Be Stopped.pdf
  9. Saved for Living.pdf
  10. Someone to Believe In - Independence Day.pdf
  11. Take My Time! Take My Tongue!.pdf
  12. The Great Difference Faith Makes.pdf
  13. The Man Who Played the Wrong Horse.pdf
  14. Your Encounter with Christ.pdf

5th Sunday after Pentecost

4th Sunday past Holy Trinity

  1. 4th of July: The Christian and His Country
  2. A Prophet of Faith.pdf
  3. Behind Us and Before Us.pdf
  4. Christian on the Outside.pdf
  5. Chutzpah.pdf
  6. Convinced About Christ's Power.pdf
  7. Design for Living.pdf
  8. In the Name of Jesus.pdf
  9. The Foundation and the Cornerstone.pdf
  10. What Do You Think You're Worth.pdf

6th Sunday after Pentecost

5th Sunday past Holy Trinity

  1. A Blessing of God.pdf
  2. A Prophet of New Judgment.pdf
  3. Be A Peter.pdf
  4. Blessed to Be a Blessing.pdf
  5. Broken Barriers.pdf
  6. Get Out the Good Word.pdf
  7. Gossiping the Gospel.pdf
  8. I'd Rather Be Foolish.pdf
  9. The Cross Road of Life.pdf
  10. Traveling with Jesus.pdf
  11. What Are You Worth.pdf
  12. When Doubts Strike.pdf

7th Sunday after Pentecost

6th Sunday past Holy Trinity

  1. A Fearful Prophet.pdf
  2. Go Tell It Like It Is.pdf
  3. God Helps Us Accomplish Our Mission.pdf
  4. Mt. Ararat, Symbol of God;s Judgment.pdf
  5. Overcoming Frustration.pdf
  6. The Weight of Flesh.pdf
  7. Truth in Advertising.pdf
  8. What It Means to Be A Christian.pdf

8th Sunday after Pentecost

7th Sunday past Holy Trinity

  1. A Prophet of Hope.pdf
  2. Broken Cisterns Outline.pdf
  3. Broken Cisterns.pdf
  4. He Leadeth Me.pdf
  5. Independence Brings Dependence.pdf
  6. Mt. Sinai, A Symbol of Divine Revelation.pdf
  7. Real Righteousness.pdf
  8. Sanctification.pdf
  9. Spiritual Agriculture - Original.pdf
  10. Spiritual Agriculture.pdf
  11. The Faith of the Foolish.pdf
  12. These Are His Too.pdf
  13. When Religion Becomes Real.pdf

9th Sunday after Pentecost

8th Sunday past Holy Trinity

  1. Beware of False Prophets
  2. Distracted with Much Serving.pdf
  3. Divine Folly.pdf
  4. In Love With Christ.pdf
  5. It Takes Two to Preach - Original .pdf
  6. It Takes Two to Preach.pdf
  7. Mt Neo, a Symbol of Disappointment.pdf
  8. Not Without Witness.pdf
  9. The Fence Builders.pdf
  10. The Importance of a Right Start.pdf
  11. The Lord's Prayer--Our Prayer.pdf
  12. The Lord's Prayer.pdf
  13. The Protesters.pdf
  14. Who Am I.pdf

10th Sunday after Pentecost

9th Sunday past Holy Trinity

  1. A Great Gain.pdf
  2. Contrary Winds.pdf
  3. Fully Fulfilled.pdf
  4. Heart for Prayer.pdf
  5. Is God Among Us or Not.pdf
  6. Judge Me, O God.pdf
  7. Live the Complete Life.pdf
  8. Man's Little, God's Abundance.pdf
  9. Mt. Carmel, a Symbol of Decision.pdf
  10. Profit and Loss.pdf
  11. Take Heed Lest We Fall with Teacher's Notes.pdf
  12. Take Heed Lest You Fall.pdf
  13. When Religion Becomes Real.pdf

11th Sunday after Pentecost

10th Sunday past Holy Trinity

  1. A New Life Style in Christ.pdf
  2. Being What You Are.pdf
  3. Don't You Like My Present.pdf
  4. Faithfulness and Folly.pdf
  5. God Guides His Children.pdf
  6. Hammering in the Name of the Lord.pdf
  7. If Only.pdf
  8. Not As the Good or Bad, But as the Forgiven.pdf
  9. The Invitation of the Kingdom.pdf
  10. Worship and the Christian.pdf
  11. You Are God's Building.pdf
  12. You Can Have Your Cake and Eat It, Too.pdf

12th Sunday after Pentecost

11th Sunday past Holy Trinity

  1. Be Ready and Waiting.pdf
  2. Church Leaders.pdf
  3. Each of Us Has a Burning Bush.pdf
  4. For Beggars Only.pdf
  5. Forever Easter.pdf
  6. God's I.D. Card.pdf
  7. God's Special Delivery.pdf
  8. Hurry Up and Wait.pdf
  9. Jesus Makes House Calls.pdf
  10. Our Task - To Ask.pdf
  11. The Guiltless Sinner.pdf
  12. What is Beyond the End of the Rope.pdf

13th Sunday after Pentecost

12th Sunday past Holy Trinity

  1. Image or Reality.pdf
  2. Law and Gospel ] A Study in Contrasts.pdf
  3. Nag, Nag, Nag! .pdf
  4. Our Need - To Hear.pdf
  5. Possessing Possessions.pdf
  6. Rendering Sacrificial Service.pdf
  7. The Christian Life -- Confidence in a Mine Field - Original.pdf
  8. The Christian Life -- Confidence in a Mine Field - Revised.pdf
  9. The Kingdom of Heaven is Like....pdf
  10. True Liberation.pdf
  11. Truthful Tongues.pdf
  12. Your Ebeneezer Rock.pdf

14th Sunday past Pentecost

13th Sunday past Holy Trinity

  1. God's Good Word for Our Homes.pdf
  2. He Shall Feed His Flock.pdf
  3. I Haven't Done Anything.pdf
  4. Jesus...Who_Original.pdf
  5. Jesus...Who_Revised.pdf
  6. Learn to Turn.pdf
  7. Revise the Standard Version.pdf
  8. St. Paul on Human Relations.pdf
  9. The Love Knot.pdf
  10. Three Philosophies of Life.pdf
  11. Turning Confession into Life.pdf
  12. Where Are We.pdf
  13. Your Badge of Discipleship.pdf

15th Sunday after Pentecost

14th Sunday past Holy Trinity

  1. A Battle Royal.pdf
  2. A Profitable Task.pdf
  3. Adapting to Adoption.pdf
  4. Destination Life.pdf
  5. Growing in Christian Knowledge.pdf
  6. Ingratitude or In Gratitude.pdf
  7. Satan's Song ] Sell Out.pdf
  8. The Art of Worship.pdf
  9. The Divine Invitation.pdf
  10. V.I.P.s.pdf

16th Sunday after Pentecost

15th Sunday past Holy Trinity

  1. Heaven's Front Office.pdf
  2. Not Any Old Way.pdf
  3. Rising Costs.pdf
  4. The Brand We Wear.pdf
  5. The Forgiving Father.pdf
  6. The Fun of Finishing.pdf
  7. The Laborer and His Reward.pdf
  8. Why Bother to Pray.pdf

17th Sunday after Pentecost

16th Sunday past Holy Trinity

  1. Christian Education - Whose Responsibility.pdf
  2. Faith and or Works.pdf
  3. Follow the Spirit's Leading.pdf
  4. Forgiven--And Forgiving.pdf
  5. God's Search and Rescue Mission.pdf
  6. He Comes, He Sees, He Conquers.pdf
  7. Life with a Purpose.pdf
  8. On the Side of God.pdf
  9. Shaken but Not Forsaken.pdf
  10. The Man Who Wouldn't Give Up.pdf

18th Sunday after Pentecost

17th Sunday past Holy Trinity

  1. Caring Commitment.pdf
  2. Come--See--Hear--Tell.pdf
  3. Faithful Stewards.pdf
  4. Free to Worship.pdf
  5. God Use Us to Spread His Word.pdf
  6. Is It All Downhill from Here.pdf
  7. The Barren Fig Tree.pdf
  8. The Ties that Bind Us.pdf
  9. There Remains Rest.pdf
  10. Two Kinds of Wisdom.pdf
  11. Under Close Observation.pdf
  12. We Are One in the Spirit.pdf

19th Sunday after Pentecost

18th Sunday past Holy Trinity

  1. Getting Along With Others.pdf
  2. Is Ours a Rich Church.pdf
  3. Jesus Christ is Lord of Learning.pdf
  4. Keep the End in Mind.pdf
  5. Man's How-to and God's How-to.pdf
  6. On the Use and Abuse of God's Gifts.pdf
  7. Practical Humility.pdf
  8. Pursue Patience.pdf
  9. The Prophet Who Tried to Run Away.pdf
  10. The Story of the Two Builders.pdf
  11. What Does God Want - And Give.pdf

20th Sunday after Pentecost

19th Sunday past Holy Trinity

  1. A Pretty Big Fish Story.pdf
  2. Blessed Are Those Who Mourn.pdf
  3. Change Your Clothes.pdf
  4. Courtroom or Courtship.pdf
  5. Generous Giving.pdf
  6. Me and My Shadow.pdf
  7. Prayer Problems.pdf
  8. To Sin is Human--To Serve Is Divine.pdf
  9. Youth Today.pdf

21st Sunday after Pentecost

20th Sunday past Holy Trinity

  1. An Unusually Successful Missionary.pdf
  2. How to Live Your Potential.pdf
  3. I Have Chosen You.pdf
  4. Just One in a Crowd.pdf
  5. Life's Investment.pdf
  6. My Time is Your Time.pdf
  7. RSVP.pdf

22nd Sunday after Pentecost

21st Sunday past Holy Trinity

  1. Blessed are These Who Wait for the Lord.pdf
  2. Choose the Victorious Life.pdf
  3. Dual Citizenship.pdf
  4. Gaining God's Approval of Your Keeping His Law.pdf
  5. I Will Tell of Jesus.pdf
  6. Is a Martin Luther Needed in Our Day.pdf
  7. Jesus Christ is Lord of the Serving Church.pdf
  8. Jonah's Discontent and God's Correction.pdf
  9. One Helper for All.pdf
  10. Saint Minimum or Saint Maximum.pdf
  11. Soldier, Check Your Equipment.pdf
  12. Summoned to Serve.pdf

23rd Sunday after Pentecost

22nd Sunday past Holy Trinity

  1. Building Your Tower.pdf
  2. Every Man Shall Bear His Own Burden.pdf
  3. God Measures Our Church.pdf
  4. How Money Talks.pdf
  5. Loving the Unlovable.pdf
  6. Model Mission Congregation.pdf
  7. Putting Down or Putting Up with Others.pdf
  8. Rest for Struggling Captives.pdf
  9. When It's Convenient.pdf

24th Sunday after Pentecost

23rd Sunday past Holy Trinity

  1. Bear Ye One Another's Burdens.pdf
  2. Choosing Your Greatest Treasure.pdf
  3. Christ's Definition of True Religion.pdf
  4. Life's Two Big Questions.pdf
  5. Losers Become Winners.pdf
  6. Soul Security.pdf
  7. The Holy Christian Church, The Communion of Saints.pdf
  8. The Waste of Grace.pdf

25th Sunday after Pentecost

24th Sunday past Holy Trinity

  1. Are You a Good Investment.pdf
  2. Casual or Concerned.pdf
  3. Fruits of Faith.pdf
  4. Jesus Christ is Lord of My Life.pdf
  5. One Way.pdf
  6. What's in it for Me.pdf

26th Sunday after Pentecost

25th Sunday past Holy Trinity

  1. Come, Lord Jesus.pdf
  2. Day of Destruction.pdf
  3. First fruits.pdf
  4. Making the Most of Our Possessions.pdf
  5. Your Religion (colon) Burden or Joy.pdf

27th Sunday after Pentecost

26th Sunday past Holy Trinity

  1. That's How It Is (question mark).pdf
  2. The Christian's Goal.pdf

Last Sunday of Pentecost

27th Sunday past Holy Trinity

  1. And Then the End Will Come.pdf
  2. Are We Ready for Christ.pdf
  3. Cast Your Burden on the Lord.pdf
  4. Christ Our King.pdf
  5. Christ the King.pdf
  6. The Battle of Your Life.pdf
  7. The Parable of the Chickens.pdf
  8. Truths from the King Jesus.pdf
  9. What Kind of a King do You Want Jesus to Be.pdf
  10. Where It All Begins.pdf


  1. A Common Ground for Thanksgiving.pdf
  2. Adore Our Adorable God.pdf
  3. Give Me a Grateful Heart.pdf
  4. Give Us Day by Day Our Daily Bread.pdf
  5. Giving God Thanks.pdf
  6. Gratitude that Pleases God.pdf
  7. Payola or Thanksgiving.pdf
  8. Praise God from A to Z.pdf
  9. Receive Your Daily Bread with Thanksgiving.pdf
  10. Reflect His Light in Our Lives.pdf
  11. Thanksgiving for Service.pdf
  12. The Source of Gratitude.pdf
  13. There Go the Ships.pdf
  14. What Shall I Render to the Lord.pdf

Holy Trinity - See Pentecost


1st Sunday of Advent

  1. Are You Ready.pdf
  2. Begin with Remembering.pdf
  3. He Made You a Watchman.pdf
  4. Living for Today.pdf
  5. Message Received; Message Delivered.pdf
  6. The Dawn of a New Day.pdf
  7. The Significance of Christ's Advent.pdf
  8. The Year of the Lord's Favor.pdf
  9. Triumphal Arches.pdf
  10. What Christ's Coming Means to Me.pdf

2nd Sunday of Advent

  1. An Advent Prayer.pdf
  2. God's Kingdom Revealed.pdf
  3. God's Ordinary People.pdf
  4. Good News for Bad Times.pdf
  5. If Jesus Returned Today.pdf
  6. Let God Be God.pdf
  7. Live in the Power of Christ's Hope.pdf
  8. Living for Tomorrow.pdf
  9. Pioneers for Christ.pdf
  10. The Pastor's Calling.pdf
  11. Those Graceful Macedonians.pdf
  12. Who Is Coming to Your House.pdf
  13. You and Your Money.pdf

3rd Sunday of Advent

  1. A Vision of the Victor.pdf
  2. An Advent Prophecy.pdf
  3. Be Patient.pdf
  4. Do You Recognize Jesus.pdf
  5. Halt! Friend or Foe.pdf
  6. Is Jesus for Real.pdf
  7. Jesus Christ is Lord of Love.pdf
  8. Living As God's Prophets.pdf
  9. Prepare for Christmas by Repenting.pdf
  10. Ready for Christmas (question).pdf
  11. The Cry of John.pdf
  12. The Joy of Believing.pdf
  13. What do You Mean, Merry Christmas.pdf
  14. Who the World Needs Now.pdf
  15. Yes, He is!.pdf

4th Sunday of Advent

  1. An Advent Song.pdf
  2. Behold! Look! See!.pdf
  3. Christmas Is for Telling.pdf
  4. Give God the Glory.pdf
  5. God Is My Salvation.pdf
  6. Living for Eternity.pdf
  7. Mary's Song of Joy.pdf
  8. Preparing Our Hearts for a Blessed Christmas.pdf
  9. The Call of Christmas.pdf
  10. The Greatest Gift of All.pdf
  11. The Savior is Here! Let's Rejoice!.pdf
  12. What Happened to God's Plan.pdf
  13. You're Going to Have a Baby 1975.pdf
  14. You're Going to Have a Baby 2000.pdf


Christmas Day

  1. A Cinderella Christmas.pdf
  2. And They Came with Haste.pdf
  3. Christmas Beyond Christmas.pdf
  4. Christmas Contrasts.pdf
  5. Glory to God in the Highest Heaven.pdf
  6. God's Christmas Gift.pdf
  7. God's Christmas Present to You.pdf
  8. Jesus Is the Key.pdf
  9. Rejoicing in the Christchild.pdf
  10. Road to Bethlehem - Handwritten.pdf
  11. The Savior Came.pdf
  12. The Savior Comes.pdf
  13. What Child Is This.pdf

Christmas Eve

  1. Become As Little Children.pdf
  2. Cosmic Christmas.pdf
  3. It Came to Pass.pdf
  4. Ringing the Joybells of Life.pdf
  5. The Stillness of Christmas.pdf
  6. To You Is Born a Savior.pdf
  7. Twisted Christmas.pdf
  8. We Beheld His Glory.pdf

New Year's Eve

  1. Abide With Us.pdf
  2. Another Opportunity to Produce.pdf
  3. Burning Hearts.pdf
  4. From One Year to the Next.pdf
  5. On the Wall.pdf
  6. The Officers of the Congregation.pdf
  7. Unwavering Trust in God.pdf
  8. Y2K.pdf

New Year's Day

  1. My Presence Shall go With Thee.pdf
  2. What's in a Name.pdf

1st Sunday past Christmas

  1. But We See Jesus.pdf
  2. A Very Bright Light.pdf
  3. Christmas in the Heart.pdf
  4. Depart in Peace 1970.pdf
  5. Depart in Peace 1978.pdf
  6. Don't Exchange the Gift.pdf
  7. How Far Is It to Bethlehem.pdf
  8. Simeon, Man of Faith and Peace.pdf
  9. The Importance of Ebeneezer.pdf
  10. The Terrible Questions.pdf
  11. The Way to Joy.pdf

2nd Sunday past Christmas

  1. Arise, Shine 1980.pdf
  2. Arise, Shine 2002.pdf
  3. Better than Saks Fifth Avenue.pdf
  4. Bless We the Lord.pdf
  5. Blessed Assurance 1975.pdf
  6. Blessed Assurance 2000.pdf
  7. Enter the New Year with Courage and Confidence.pdf
  8. God's Gift is Unwrapped.pdf
  9. Happy New Year (Question Mark).pdf
  10. Light-Bringers.pdf
  11. The Light of the World.pdf
  12. What's Your Decision?.pdf




  1. Celebrating a Continuing Reformation.pdf
  2. From Here to Eternity.pdf
  3. God's Gift--The Open Bible.pdf
  4. Is a Martin Luther Needed in Our Day.pdf
  5. Jesus People--Bible Style.pdf
  6. Proclaim the Eternal Gospel.pdf
  7. Real Freedom.pdf
  8. Recovering the Gospel.pdf
  9. Thank God for the Open Bible.pdf
  10. The Greatest Argument Starter.pdf
  11. The Man with the Book.pdf
  12. The Reformation Doctrine is Truly Ecumenical.pdf

Church Dedications and Anniversaries

  1. Building for Eternity - Masaryktown FL.pdf
  2. Built on the rock the Church Shall Stand - Holy Trinity, Land 'O Lakes FL.pdf
  3. Living for A Great Purpose - First Service of New Mission.pdf
  4. Our Church, A House of Blessing - Messiah.pdf

Holy Communion

  1. Holy Communion Is Realizing Forgiveness.pdf
  2. Holy Communion is Remembering.pdf
  3. Holy Communion Is Repentance 1992.pdf
  4. Holy Communion Is Repentance 1995.pdf
  5. What Kind of Cup Do You Bring.pdf
God's Angels Are Alive and Well.pdf

Saint Bartholomew

  1. An Average, Ordinary Saint.pdf

Saint Matthew

  1. Matthew -- Sinner, Disciple, Saint.pdf
  2. Saint Matthew -- Gift of God.pdf

Saint Michael and All Angels

  1. God's Angels Are Alive and Well.pdf


  1. 100% for Each Other.pdf
  2. Abide with Us.pdf
  3. Be Subject to One Another.pdf
  4. Blessing of the Rings.pdf
  5. Building Project of Marriage.pdf
  6. Cause His Face to Shine Upon Us.pdf
  7. Commit Your Ways to the Lord.pdf
  8. Corinthians Description of Love.pdf
  9. Garments of Compassion, Kindness, Humility, Gentleness.pdf
  10. God Blessed You with Each Other.pdf
  11. He Who Loves His Wife Loves Himself.pdf
  12. Husbands and Wives and Christ.pdf
  13. Jesus Will Walk with You.pdf
  14. Let the Lord Direct and Govern Your Lives.pdf
  15. Listening in Marriage.pdf
  16. Mercy and Blessing.pdf
  17. Promise to Bind in Love.pdf
  18. Scan2022-04-17_152607.pdf
  19. Share Your Life with Jesus.pdf
  20. Strengthened Through the Spirit.pdf
  21. Tenderness and Depth of Jesus.pdf
  22. The Mathematics of Marriage


Sermon Outlines

  1. An End, But Not -The- End (Ascension).pdf
  2. Easter Victory for the Christian.pdf
  3. Good Shepherd.pdf
  4. Our Guide for Giving.pdf
  5. The New Life - It's Different.pdf
  6. The Sermon in the Sky (Trust).pdf
  7. They Crucified Him.pdf
  8. Trusting the Winepress Along - In the Garden.pdf
  9. Who Was He (Christ).pdf

Children's Sermons

  1. Christmas - Baby Jesus As Ruler.pdf
  2. Christmas - Billy and the Ice Cream.pdf
  3. The Gift of Yourself to Jesus.pdf

Author Unknown

  1. Advent - Benefit of the Doubt.pdf
  2. Advent - Getting Ready for Jesus.pdf
  3. Advent - Giving to Others.pdf
  4. Advent - John the Baptist as Advertisement.pdf


  1. 1st Sunday past Christmas - Who Is This Child Jesus.pdf
  2. 2nd Sunday past Easter - There Is Only One Good Shepherd.pdf
  3. 3rd Sunday past Epiphany - The Centurion of Capernaum.pdf
  4. 7th Sunday past Trinity - Feeding of the Four Thousand.pdf
  5. God, Our Protector.pdf
  6. Jesus As Friend and Savior.pdf
  7. Maundy Thursday - There Was No Higher Love Than His.pdf
  8. Safety in Christ.pdf
  9. Trinity Sunday - The Miracle of Rebirth.pdf
  10. Word of Life.pdf


  1. Holy Communion Is Realizing Forgiveness.pdf
  2. Holy Communion is Remembering.pdf
  3. Holy Communion Is Repentance 1992.pdf
  4. Holy Communion Is Repentance 1995.pdf
  5. What Kind of Cup Do You Bring.pdf


  1. Called to Bring Good News.pdf
  2. The Hole in the Roof - Hospice Chaplain.pdf
  3. Upon Receiving a Call to a Church.pdf

Pastor's Conference

  1. Seminary-Don't Look Back.pdf
  2. The Church's Life and Prayer - FL-GA District.pdf

Youth Sermons

  1. High School - A Real Blast.pdf
  2. One Body in Christ.pdf
  3. Prayer for National Honor Society Induction.pdf


  1. Being Witnesses_Dad's.pdf

TV Spots

  1. Assurance of God's Presence.pdf
  2. God's Great Forgiveness.pdf
  3. God's Steadfastness.pdf
  4. Reaching Out to Others.pdf
  5. Spiritual Pigrimage.pdf
  6. The Guarantee of Forgiveness.pdf
  7. Trust in God.pdf
  8. Who Christ Is by Faith.pdf
  9. Win the Whole World.pdf



  1. Will I See You Again?
  2. A Mingled Yet Durable Farewell


  1. Assurance for the What Ifs.pdf
  2. Born to An Inheritance.pdf
  3. Complete Victory.pdf
  4. Death As An Answer to Prayer.pdf
  5. Death--An Answer to Christ's Prayer.pdf
  6. Even in Grief.pdf
  7. Everlasting Love.pdf
  8. For a Military Person.pdf
  9. Forgive, Wait, Hope.pdf
  10. Funeral for a 7 week old baby.pdf
  11. God Says Yes.pdf
  12. He Who Has the Son Has Life.pdf
  13. Land That I Will Show Thee.pdf
  14. New Life.pdf
  15. Person Who Knew Jesus Christ.pdf
  16. Prepare for the Best.pdf
  17. Radiant Work of Everlasting Beauty.pdf
  18. Steadfastness to Faith.pdf
  19. Testimony to Trust.pdf
  20. Thanks Be to God.pdf
  21. The Gift of Eternal Life.pdf
  22. Thorn in the Flesh.pdf
  23. To Die Is Gain.pdf
  24. Ultimate Healing.pdf
  25. Wait on the Lord.pdf

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