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About JoySoul

The music of JoySoul began in 1999 during a trip which owner, Carol Loperena, took to visit her expectant cousin and sister-at-heart. One of the joys of the trip was to read stories and sing songs with her girls. But she noticed that trying to learn the new children’s songs was difficult with a songbook alone. When Carol’s daughter was growing up in Berlin, Germany, she had learned many of the children’s songs for the primary age group in German using cassette tapes and German songbooks. And it was easy somehow. The music seemed to flow effortlessly along with the words and there were not a lot of key changes or loud background music. Voices could be heard and words understood easily. And with that in mind, Carol soon after began to write children’s songs.

The thread running through all the children’s songs Carol wrote was knowledge of God in a child’s everyday life. It’s fun to watch cartoons and read Bible stories. But how does a child apply those to his or her own situation? As you sing our songs and read our stories for life, you will see that JoySoul’s focus is not only on receiving, but on living the message. A 1966 quote from Carol’s father comes to mind as the backdrop for the theme running through the JoySoul works:"Christianity can't be just a Sunday Morning stopping place. It must be part of our everyday lives and carry over into our business and social relationships."

Carol knew that she couldn’t compose music without enlisting the help of a trained musician and Lois Monson turned out to be just the right fit! Not only did she have extensive experience with teaching children, she had taught music teachers as well. On May 4, 2000 Carol and Lois began JoySoul Corporation and on July 17, 2000 the state of North Dakota made it official. Here are some of the tenets of JoySoul as recorded in its minutes:

JoySoul Bible Verse: “The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and fatling together; and a little child shall lead them….for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord. Isaiah 11:6-9
JoySoul Prayer: Thank you God, for the blessings of this day.
JoySoul Corporate Mission Statement: JoySoul Corporation is formed to encourage children and adults to acknowledge that life is made of choices; each individual has the privilege of making a positive choice and God will always be there as a guide.

JoySoul continues to share its mission through songs, stories, devotionals and prayers. In 2015, JoySoul added a new major focus to its mission: that of providing inspiration to ministers and lay workers, their families and their church members. Carol realized that her background as a minister’s daughter provided her with an opportunity to support and encourage in these areas. She also understood that it was important for these God-servants to have a place to go to get additional strength and inspiration. JoySoul recognizes that regardless of specific religious convictions, all ministers and church workers need a place to regenerate and refuel. As we go forward, we hope to provide such a place. Join us as we make positive choices with God as our guide.


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