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April 29, 2017 by Carol Elaine Loperena

Where are you going?

Most days we get up and have a pretty specific route in mind.

Many will take a familiar path through the house to get ready for work, walk to car, subway or bus and then travel on to work for the day. Others like me, who work from home, will simply transition into another room down the hall or up the stairs with cup of coffee in hand. Even weekends often seem to have a predefined route.

Our lives are often on auto-drive, to be sure. We move from one obligation to another until one day we are catapulted into a reality that seems to have come out of nowhere. We get the wonderful news that we are pregnant! We loose our job. We get accepted into college. Our spouse leaves us. We ask someone to marry us and they say "Yes!" We get the news that we have cancer. We get the news that we've won the lottery!

Lately I've been flying quite a bit. It's the same destination every time, but a different route which depends on many different variables such as the weather, time of day, choice of airline, and place of origin. A lot depends on the weather! If there is an unexpected weather event, that may change the route entirely. If there is an ice storm at the destination airport, we may even have to circle the airport until the storm clears up or the plane gets re-routed to another airport!

Where is your faith life headed today? Is your spiritual life running on auto-drive? We need to continually evaluate our spiritual path for direction instead of allowing circumstances to determine this for us. And it is good to mix up our spiritual route a little to keep things fresh and continually grow.

Try going somewhere different on your spiritual journey this week. Open a hymnbook and read the words of a hymn as part of your devotional. Try visiting a church of a different denomination or cultural setting to see how others worship. Have a discussion with a friend or family member about what a passage in the Bible means to you.

If you aren't sure where you are going in your faith life, contact a minister today.

Invite him or her out for coffee and let them help you find your way.

Look at your faith through the eye's of a child!