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A man and woman receive the marriage blessing at the altar under a glowing cross.

December 8, 2022 by Carol Elaine Loperena

The Mathematics of Marriage

Consider the season of Advent, where we prepare our hearts and minds for the coming Jesus

You might think that associating marriage with this season is a bit off topic. We talk of Mary and the Annunciation; there is certainly no marriage yet between Mary and Joseph when the angel announces to Mary that she will be with child.

There are Christmas weddings, to be sure. Poinsettias, Christmas trees, ornaments and snow make for an enchanting fairytale wedding, sure to put everyone in the mood for Christmas. But that's not what I am talking about today.

The sermon of focus, uncovers a deeper place, a deeper connection. It reveals "Christ with Us" as the center of all that is going to happen in our lives. To experience this Christ, one must revisit all the relationships in their life whether marriage or otherwise and ask the question, "Have I placed Christ in the center of this relationship?"

We often think of our relationship with God as a separate thing from all others. But this message enlightens us to the reality that when we truly invite Christ into our lives, we are inviting Him to reside within our home, our job, our relationship. Christ with us means being one with Christ, two with Christ, family with Christ, friends with Christ, all in Christ.

As you approach advent, are you really preparing a place for Jesus within you? Material blessings are wonderful, but they will come and go as easily as the snow falls and then eventually melts away. But our relationship with Jesus will remain.

This Christmas, take a moment to inventory your relationships and discover ways in which you can welcome Christ into those spaces.

Learn how to have relationships where everything adds up, God's way.