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Your Phone Number Calls or Texts

We will use your phone number to resolve questions about an order or to contact you when you request us to.

We will not provide your phone number to anyone else unless required by state or federal law.

Your Name and Address Mailing

We will use your name and mailing address to process or mail your order. We may also occasionally use your mailing address to send you relevant advertising information unless you request otherwise.

We won't share your information with anyone else unless required by state or federal law.

Your Security Encryption

We use state of the art encryption throughout our entire website. DigiCert provides our security certificate.

If you would like more information about our security please use our contact page to request it.

Your Cookies Computer Access

Sometimes we may use small bytes of data called cookies and save them on your machine. For example, if we need to save your preferences for our site or authenticate who you are when you sign in to certain areas of our site, our web application will send a message to your web browser to ask if we can save this information for a certain period of time. Some of our business affiliates such as our SSL provider, DigiCert, and our sharing button provider,, also use cookies. We monitor the use of cookies by these affiliates. Your browser settings may need to be set up to allow us to do so. Many browsers' default settings are configured to accept cookies.

If you need help changing cookie permissions on your web browser settings, please use our contact page to request help.

You can also go to your browser settings and configure it to clear all of your cookies after you finish a browsing session. Keep in mind that this may affect your personal preferences for your next internet browsing experience. It is also possible to delete individual cookies through your browser, however each time you visit our site, there will be new cookies deposited on your device in order to manage your visit to our site smoothly and efficiently.

Your Email Communication

We may occasionally contact you by email with information we feel is relevant to your interests unless you request otherwise. It is necessary for you to provide an email address in order to process payment for your order. We may also use your email address to provide information that you request if you sign up for one of our emailing lists. You will always have the opportunity to unsubscribe from our emailing lists.

We don't give out your email address to anyone else unless required by state or federal law.

Your Social Media Sharing

We use a service called AddThis to set up some of our pages so that you can share them on social media. When you choose to share via our page interface you are subject to the privacy policies of and the privacy policies of the mediums you use to share our pages. For example, if you use the Facebook or Twitter button to share a page or link, you are agreeing to allow your interaction to be governed by their privacy policies in addition to ours.

We also use various analytics methods to assess the way our website is searched for and shared on the internet. These analytics are currently AddThis and Google but are subject to change at any time. If you use our site you agree to accept our use of these anayltical programs. These programs typically do not collect any personal information, however each program is responsible for their own policies and may be updated at any time.

If you would like more information on any of the social media mechanisms that our site currently uses, please go to our contact page to request it.